Keihoku is located in the northwestern part of Kyoto City.
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The Keihoku area is located in the northern part of Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City.Since it is within an hour's drive from the city center, it is a town where you can enjoy "a little convenient country life" with nature near the city.National Highway XNUMX, which runs north-south through the area, is part of the "Western Saba Kaido" that connects Kyoto and the Wakasa region of Fukui Prefecture.Since ancient times, it has supported the food and culture of Kyoto as a transportation hub.
The total area is "217.68k㎡", which is almost the same as Osaka City.About XNUMX% is a lush green environment with forests.

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1-1 Kamiterada, Keihokushuzancho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Keihoku Joint Government Building XNUMXF
TEL 075-852-0001
FAX 075-852-1838

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